chocolate coconut ice milk
chocolate coconut ice milk

Cold and Creamy Chocolate Coconut Ice Milk

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Recipe Rundown

Two months ago, my blender broke.

My husband had the Blendtec in pieces on the coffee table by the afternoon.

Chocolate ice milk

I softly inquired about his progress…at first. But after two months of blazing summer heat and zero smoothies, let’s just say, I got desperate.

I turned to chocolate ice milk.

What is ice milk?

It’s my rich, adult version of chocolate milk. Only better.

It’s just a sweet, creamy mixture of everything nice: cocoa, honey, canned coconut milk — only it’s served extra cold. It’s kinda like a milkshake, leaves you feeling full and satisfied.

Good News! You Can Make These Coconut Milkshakes With or Without a Blender.

No Blender Work-Around: I found that if you place all the ingredients in a couple mason jars, you can shake and dissolve everything better than if you just try to stir. You’ll want to shake hard for about 1 minute so that everything gets chilled and dissolved. I like to add equal parts water to coconut milk for this method.

How did I resolve my blender situation?

Let’s just say, I delayed to the point where I was determined to buy whatever blender I could take home right away.

After standing in the blender aisle at Costco for a solid 10 minutes debating the merits of another Blendtec versus a Vitamix, we sprang for the Vitamix E320 Explorian Series.

Gotta say, I’m loving it. It’s so quiet compared to the Blendtec. Better yet, I can blend my chocolate milk in about 30 seconds.

Of the two, I definitely prefer the blended method because I’m all about cold drinks being extra cold, and I like the way the ice thickens the texture.

Blender Way: Combine the ingredients in the blender. Blend just until the ice is dissolved and enjoy!

The colder the better.

I strongly recommend using chilled canned (full fat) coconut milk. I’ve experimented with room temperature with the ice, and it’s just not as perfect.

Truly, you want your drink ice cold to get that ever-so-slightly thick mouthfeel.

chocolate coconut milk blended with ice and served in Moscow mugs

As you can see, I’ve been lavishing myself with glass after glass of this refreshing chocolate milk in these beautifully crafted metal mugs.

Full disclosure, I received a free set from Moscow Mule Mugs in exchange for my honest opinion. They’re handcrafted traditionally with:

  • stainless steel on the inside (think: no rust)
  • hand-hammered copper on the outside (keeps cold drinks well-insulated)
  • handles that you can actually fit your fingers through

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