Welcome To The Frayed apron!

Hi, my name is Sara, and this is my food blog. Each month, over 30,000 people visit The Frayed Apron website and social media channels for simple, seasonal recipes as well as cooking techniques and favorite tools.

After creating content for 3 years, the constant that remains the same is quality. When we work with brands who share that value, it’s very natural for us to use our platform to increase brand exposure, interest, and loyalty in a way that is authentic.

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How We Work With Brands

Blog Posts

Best for long term performance. Over time, they can show up in top search results and can be featured on news or entertainment sites. Blog posts are at the core of how we tell the story of a brand, and they include beautiful imagery, personal notes on the recipe, and a full-text recipe developed by chef Sara Furcini.

Social Sharing

We will create stand alone imagery or video content with custom captions shared across Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook reaching over 1 thousand fans. Social sharing is highly customizable to fit your specific marketing objectives and needs.

Recipe Video

We will develop, test, and create an original recipe using your product, and capture that recipe in a "hands in the pan" video.

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